I'm proud to have worked with these talented students.

Ph.D. students

Pengfei Li 09/2020--Present
Yejia Liu 03/2021--Present
Mohammad Jami Islam 09/2022--Present
Jianyi Yang 09/2018--07/2023, now visiting Caltech/UC Riverside and will join CS at the University of Houston as an Assistant Professor in 08/2024
Fangfang Yang 09/2017--12/2022 (on leave for 1.5 years), TikTok --> Meta
Mohammad Atiqul Islam 09/2012--12/2018, now Assistant Professor at UT Arlington
Hasan Mahmud 09/2012--12/2018, Microsoft --> Meta
Bingqian Lu 09/2018--07/2022, Snap
Luting Yang 08/2017--03/2021, Walmart Labs --> Uber
Zhihui Shao 09/2017--06/2021, Amazon

Master and visiting students

Xiaofeng Hou 09/2019--02/2020, from Shanghai Jiaotong University
Qihang Sun 04/2017--09/2017, from the University of Hong Kong
Ji Guo 09/2015--09/2016
Marco Polverini 05/2013--07/2013, from University of Rome "Sapienza", Italy

Undergraduate students

Allison Hwang 06/2023--08/2023
Christian Ardito 07/2016--06/2017
Aaron Sanders 07/2016--12/2016
Chang Liu 10/2015--03/2016
Haven Wang 05/2014--07/2014
Joseph Scott 05/2014--07/2014
Vance Turnewitsch 05/2014--07/2014
Preston Ramirez 05/2013--07/2013
Frank Fernandez 05/2013--07/2013, 05/2013--08/2013
John Rodriguez 05/2013--07/2013
Jose Machado 05/2013--07/2013